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A Property Manager of a 136 Unit complex, Novato, CA

DeepVac is a wonderful company that has been servicing Wyndover Apartments for several years. They have been very professional, and have provided quality work painting, and cleaning our apartments and working on other projects as well at Wyndover Apartment Homes. We highly recommend DeepVac.

Thank you,

Property Manager

809 Diablo Avenue Novato, CA 94947

From a Regional Manager for Multi-Billion Dollar Non-Profit serving Low Income Families and Seniors in 20 counties in California:

“A first-class company worthy of a relationship.”  This is my definition of Deep Vac.

I have had a close professional association with this company for over 10 years.  During this time 6 properties were fully rehabbed.  Deep Vac provided services associated with full apartment rehabilitation including household goods movement, resident movement, deep and full cleaning, and any other services that presented themselves expectedly or unexpectedly.  I worked with them closely in planning the movement of goods and residents, in timing the events so that time is not lost waiting for one family to move out and another to move in, how to approach safety in cleaning and goods movement, helping with resident relations during these times of family stress, meeting deadlines, following through, and coordination on macro and micro levels.

The supervisory staff onsite is excellent and works closely with the person in charge; who in the above 6 cases was me.

I have never found Deep Vac to fail on a timeline, not be understanding and sympathetic to resident needs, not to follow through, and to make the needs of the company they are servicing foremost in their job approach.

I cannot say enough about Deep Vac.  For any type of relocations, I would reach out to them.  If you asked me who else would I contact I would answer – no one


We are sensitive to each tenant’s needs and take great care when handling their belongings.
With over 26 years serving Northern California, we always strive to make your turnovers and renovations easy on you and your tenants.
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